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Mystery, Drama TV Series JAG (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) was released in 1995-09-23 by NBC Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include David James Elliott, Catherine Bell, John M. Jackson, Karri Turner, Patrick Labyorteaux, Chuck Carrington, Matt Hannon. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 6.5/ 10.

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Harmon Rabb Jr. (David James Elliott) and Sarah “Mac” MacKenzie (Catherine Bell) are lawyers at the Judge Advocate General’s Corps of the US Navy. As a military lawyers treat the two cases, which are for the US Navy of issues. It happens that they sometimes face each other on different sides. Over time, Harm and Mac approach also privately to, but a relationship are placed many obstacles in the way. At her side is working Bud Roberts (Patrick Labyorteux), which is characterized primarily by loyalty to his superiors. Admiral A.J. Chegwidden (John M. Jackson) expected such also by his subordinates, is distinguished for its part, but also by high integrity from.




A New Life (1)

air day: 1995-09-23

Lt Harmon “Harm” Rabb, a JG Lawyer that checks out as well as prosecutes criminal activities devoted by Navy as well as Marine workers, checks out the mystical fatality of a women pilot aboard a warship. Harm is persuaded the women pilot that dropped too far really did not dedicate self-destruction, yet was really pressed, with all the suspects aboard the warship.


A New Life (2)

air day: 1995-09-23

Harm& &(****************************************************************************************************************************************************** )continuously examine the fatality ofLt Angela Arutti, at the same time the service provider staying on battle standing.



air day: 2013-09-30

Theexamination of a brand-new torpedo is performed aboard the submarine, the USS TigerShark The examination is supervised by the noncombatant software program designer, DirkGrover This torpedo is made to method then “” darkness”” its target up until it is essential to strike & & ruin. But something fails as well as the torpedo goes away. Grover after that informs the captain that the torpedo is under his control as well as he will certainly ruin a deluxe cruise liner if he is not paid $40million in gold.Lt Rabb as well as Lt.( j.g.)Austin, are sent out to the Tiger Shark to examine the severity of the hazard as well as if essential, work out with Grover to prevent death.Onceaboard, Grover firmly insists that he should occasionally send out commands to the torpedo as well as to show, triggers an eruptive fee swamping an area. In the program of the invesigation, the torpedo lies trailing a British Liner; Rabb discovers that Grover truly isn’t really in control of the torpedo unless the ship is within 4000 yds of it, so Rabb swipes Grover’s lapt.



air day: 1996-08-09

Duringa maneuver, shifted figures bring about a deadly battle of a device’s very own males. This triggers numerous seriously injured as well as ultimately one dead soldier.Lt Rabb as well asLt Austin are designated to explore this instance due to the fact that the accountable male is none apart from Jay Williams, the child ofGen Williams. But it appears the instance is clear given that Jay admits that this error was his mistake. Locations: MCB Twenty-NinePalms.



air day: 1996-08-09

Harmas well as Meg are exploring the fatality of a Navy police officer at the Arlington Cemetary, where throughout the months previously, various other Navy police officers have actually been killed, also. This murder occurred after a function at the French consular office as well as the route results in the Thai ambassador as well as his better half. Harm is brought in to her as she advises him of a sweetheart back in Vietnam that was eliminated. Also, Colonel Patano (the ambassador’s guard), is among the suspects. Locations: Washington D.C.; McLean, Va.; Bethesda,Md



air day: 1996-08-16

Duringan examination tripLt Pendry has a harmful collision with hisTomcat Harm as well as Meg are purchased to penetrate this instance as well as the realities indicate a pilot mistake, not at a system breakdown. Though Pendry was a risk-taking pilot, Harm does not assume he has actually gone also much based upon his expertise from his flying days withPendry Locations: Miramar Naval Air Station; San Diego/ location as well as off-coast.



air day: 1996-08-23

Cpl Parr contends a burglar, that he thinks chance at him initially, at the United States Embassy in Lima,Peru The trespasser, an unarmed 15- year-old teenager, is eliminated. But he had not been simply any kind of young boy. He was the sibling ofCpl Parr’s partner that (inning accordance with her) is expecting. Harm as well as Meg are charged to figure out if the young adult was, as a matter of fact, unarmed, or if this was an effort to eliminate the ambassador. Locations: Lima,Peru



air day: 1996-08-30

Harmas well as Meg examine the burglary of taken rockets at the SEATAC NavalBase While questioning PO1 Quinn of the burglary, a prison-break occurs as well asLt Austin is hijacked. Contrary to the Major accountable,Lt Rabb believes that this is a tactical outbreak with a huge objective. Locations: SEATAC Island Naval Base as well as bordering locations.



air day: 1996-09-20

Cpls Ednar as well as Anderson erroneously go across the Iraqi boundary. Trying to leave an Iraqi patrol,Cpl Ednar is eliminated as well asCpl Anderson is apprehended. The Iraqi federal government welcome the United States to send out supporters to protect the Marine that’s dealing with the death sentence for reconnaissance. Harm as well as Meg are designated to take a trip to Iraq to function as his legal representatives in addition to effort to release the Corporal with the aid of a covert representative called ‘Scimitar’.



air day: 1996-08-30

Meggoes under cover as a Marine hire in order to examine the mystical fatality of a women personal in a bootcamp. The realities factor at both drill trainers SSgt Carrington as well asSgt Gonzales. But a paper clipping discovered byLt Austin transforms the circumstance totally. Locations: Parris Island; Washington D.C.



air day: 1996-09-06

Whilelooking for a woman that vanished near a deserted Naval Air Station, Harm as well as Meg see the very same mystical lights as well as listen to the very same unpleasant noise which additionally occurred throughout Kathy’s loss. Though it appears like unusual activity, neither Austin neither Rabb rely on UFOs. While searching for the girl on the base, they virtually obtain captured yet many thanks to Kathy they take care of to leave, yet are caught on the base. Locations: Del Rio,Texas



air day: 1996-03-13

Duringa substitute strike a seriously injured Marine is discovered on the coastline. JAG is hired to examine. Harm as well as Meg adhere to 2 methods: An performed Code Red or a quarrel. Locations: Camp Pendleton as well as location; LosAngeles



air day: 1996-09-27

HarmonRabb is advertised as well as his initial project asLt Commander is to protectCapt ‘CAG’ Boone in a court-martial. During a goal over Bosnia, one airplane decreases because of a system breakdown. A Serbian helicopter contends the parachuting team as well as, to shield them, the CAG rejects the helicopter. Is CAG, without a doubt, safeguarding the team from an aggressive helicopter, or is he acting out of vengeance, going against a cease-fire, as well as running the risk of a battle? Locations: Bosnia; Naples, Italy; USS Seahawk/AdriaticSea; Washington D.C.



air day: 1996-10-04

Aftera lightning strike, a harmed Tomcat flying over Cuba is compelled to land by the Cuban flying force. Harm as well as Meg, gone along with byCdr Krennick as well as undersecretary of state Bair most likely to Cuba to work out the return of the pilot as well as airplane. The primary objective is to avoid the download of the Tomcat’s identified software program. But the CIA’s real strategies are entirely various … Locations: Washington, D.C.;Cuba



air day: 1996-10-11

Dueto the transposition of 2 figures of a telephone number,Lt Austin obtains a fax with the travel plan for an individual with the codename ‘Shepherd’. Later, a Commander from the Royal Navy turns up requiring that paper. After obtaining it he fires Meg, seriouly injuring her. Trying to figure out that this ‘Shepherd’ is as well as why this file is so essential, they wind up going after an assassin called ‘Hemlock’ obviously helping Russian hardliners as well as aiming to eliminate the male behind ‘Shepherd’.

– Boris Yeltsin that schedules in the United States for a secret treaty finalizing. Locations: Washington, D.C.; Bethesda; Leesburg,Va



air day: 1996-10-18

GSgt Crockett, trainer for snipers at the Boot Camp in Quantico, must be moved toBosnia But there’s a bargain existing in between him as well as his previous commanders which claims he will not be made use of in battle goals any kind of longer. After capturing at the colonel ‘to obtain his focus,’ he is detained. As soon as conserved Adm, Since Crockett. Chegwidden’s life, the Admiral orders an examination to assist him. But GSgt Crockett runs away from the brig as well as conceals in the hills. Some marines, gone along with by Harm, head out to locate Crockett, that’s a seasoned as well as trained sniper. Locations: Quantico, Va.; Washington D.C.



air day: 1996-10-25

Harmis hired to penetrate the fatality of Navy pilotLt Marion, child people Senator Grace Marion, while training with the Navy SEALS. As he existed just for 2 days, it appears that the fatality resulted from gross neglect. With the records offered by his remarkable as well as pals, incorporated with the outcomes of how just how he passed away, it appears that the real occurrence is a whitewash. Analyzing his devices as well as finding out that it was a fight goal (as well as not a training goal as mentioned), the realities after that direct at murder. The trick to all this can be GeneralBehnke Locations: Washington D.C.; NAS Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico; Carribean Sea;Colombia



air day: 1996-11-01

Harmstands for the separated Marine colonel Anderson that has actually exhausted his wardship contract when trying to hang around with his child prior to his mom relocates him away. But a warrant heads out to for Anderson, on which the Vietnam battle left its marks. After a neighborhood replacement efforts to detain him without success, a solid law enforcement agency pursues him. Harm discovers exactly what Anderson is truly as much as as well as aids him to get to a lodge, the location where he assured to hide an old chum that passed away back in Vietnam, yet was left. Locations: Vietnam (1972); California (Tustin, Santa Ana,BigPine, Bishop).



air day: 1996-11-08

Andischarge training for a Space Shuttle group finishes with a dead pilot brought on by a busted cord. Harm as well as Meg examine as well as quickly figure out that the cord was messed up. Harm’s initial suspect is advertised pilot Lt.CdrLowry As this is a vital goal (fixing a spy satellite tracking Southwest Asia) it can not be terminated. And given that there isn’t really one more qualified pilot, Lowry could not be eliminated from the group. A training trip with Lowry as well as Harm aboard has a deadly system breakdown – once more sabotage. Lowrey could currently be gone across out yet the individual in charge of these events should be discovered as the arranged goal should continue as prepared. It is very feasible that there will certainly be one more ‘undesirable shock’ to quit this goal. Locations: AFB Vandenberg;Space



air day: 1996-11-08

Ona cruising journey near Hong Kong, Harm is caught by the Chinese armed forces. They desire him to disclose the United States’ placement in instance the Chinese must take 2 islands (which are declared by Taiwan) forcibly. To obtain this details, the Chinese utilize different mind video games consisting of positioning Harm’s dad in a nearby cell.Cdr Krennick as well asLt Austin are supplied a bargain that includes Harm’s flexibility as well as asylum for a Chinese armed forces individual. Locations: Hong Kong; Nantou,China



air day: 1996-05-22

An eliminated Navy police officer working from a destroyer’s brand-new protective system is explored by Harm with aid fromLt Pike as well asCdr Brockman. Later, throughout the screening of this system, a breakdown happens as well as the system takes control of the ship. Without any kind of opportunity to browse it, the ship wanders straight to North Korea where the North Korean Navy is currently awaiting them. Meg, that was available in later on, attempts with various other specialists to damage the lockout to reclaim control over the sabotaged system. Locations: Okinawa, Japan; JapaneseSea



air day: 1996-05-29

A killed women lieutenant ends up beingLt Schonke, a close friend with which Harm went to Academy, yet neitherCdr Krennick neither Agent Turque, an unpleasant noncombatant private investigator, gets Harm’s insurance claim that his connection was purely platonic. After the main suspect of the murder is additionally discovered dead – a greater than suspicious self-destruction – Harm locates himself being the primary suspect for both murders … Locations: United States Naval Base Norfolk, Va.; Washington D.C.

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