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Drama, Action & Adventure TV Series Nikita (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) was released in 2012-10-19 by The CW Channel. Serial was created by Craig Silverstein, David Grossman, directed by Eagle Egilsson, Mary Trahan. Cast include Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca, Aaron Stanford, Melinda Clarke, Noah Bean, Jeffrey Pierce, Chance Kelly. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 7.7/ 10.

Series info

The 3rd season of Nikita, an American drama/espionage tv series based upon the French movie Nikita, the remake Point of No Return, and also a previous series La Femme Nikita, was introduced in May 2012 and also premiered on October 19,2012

Nikita, a young girl, under the influence of drugs together with friends commit robbery and murder. After the court sentence shall not be carried out, and Nikita is sent to the special agents of the school.

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air day: 2012-10-19

Ryanorganizes Division with Nikita by his side. Their very first goal under the brand-new program is to generate “The Dirty Thirty,” the rogue representatives that cannot reply to the Division recall after Percy was eliminated. Unfortunately, their very first goal does not go as prepared and also Michael is jailed, compeling Nikita to alter equipments and also hatch out a getaway prepare for him. Alex repeats her change vanity, the ruined Russian princess Alexandra Udinov, in an extremely distinct means as component of the strategy to springtimeMichael Meanwhile, Birkhoff battles to keep a functioning partnership with Sonya, regardless of his expanding tourist attraction to her.



air day: 2012-10-26

Nikita, Michael and also group remove a girl called Liza, that is being cooped by a rogue Division representative,Wade Wade has actually taught Liza and also educated her to be a Division representative to assist him on his very own individual goal. Nikita attempts seriously to appear to Liza however, momentarily of mayhem, the lady runs awayDivision The group races to locate her prior to she could finish her goal to release a lethal chemical right into the UN structure throughout an unique occasion. Meanwhile, Liza’s kidnapping raises unpleasant old memories forAlex



air day: 2012-11-02

WhenRyan informs Nikita a covert representative has actually been jailed and also they should remove her from jail, Nikita concerns why Division is remaining to run Percy’s old goals. Nikita, Michael and also Sean effort to quit a terrorist assault however are one guy down after Alex is fired. Meanwhile, Birkhoff and also Sonia continuously quarrel.



air day: 2012-11-09

Amandasends out a rogue Division representative, Anne to springtime Owen from a Russian jail, however Owen takes care of to leave her clutches and also sends out a message to Nikita that he’s cost-free. When Nikita tracks him down, Owen is surprised to find out that Nikita is with Division currently however goes back to base with her. Michael and also Ryan typically aren’t certain they could rely on Owen however Nikita waits her buddy.


TheSword’s Edge

air day: 2012-11-30

Whena previous covert Division representative, Markov, is chosen President of Uzbekistan, Nikita and also her group determine to catch him throughout his check out to the UnitedStates



air day: 2012-12-07

Nikitaand also Michael capture Cyrus, an arms dealership, that is buying a weapon-jamming gadget forAri Nikita persuades Ryan to allow them utilize Cyrus as lure to capture Amanda however Cyrus takes care of to get away the catch. However, when Amanda dual crosses Cyrus, his only expect survival isNikita Meanwhile, Birkhoff is warm on the path of Amanda’s mole and also Alex begins to unwind.



air day: 2013-01-18

Birkhoffinforms Nikita that Sonya is Amanda’s mole and also not just has Amanda reactivated Sonya’s kill chip however she additionally put a 2nd mole in Division to watch on her. Nikita, Michael and also Ryan create a strategy to utilize Sonya to search out Amanda’s concealing location and also Birkhoff establishes a catch for the 2nd mole. Meanwhile, Michael challenges Alex concerning her substance abuse and also she pleads him not to informNikita



air day: 2013-01-25

Nikitaand also Owen challenge versus a rogue “cleaner” called Liam, while Michael takes a brand-new setting atDivision Michael and also Nikita’s partnership comes to be stretched as he sees her collaborate withOwen



air day: 2013-02-01

Ray(MattBushell), a rogue representative, abducts his partner Kate (AnnaHopkins), so Ryan sends off the group to save her. When Michael sends out Owen right into the area with her rather of going himself, Nikita is perplexed. Meanwhile, Sean decides concerningAlex


BraveNew World

air day: 2013-02-08

Michaelsurrenders his function as an area representative and also resumes his function inside Division operatingOperations After knowing vital details from Birkhoff, Nikita preps a secret goal that takes her right into harmful area. When Michael and also Alex and also Ryan learn, they follow her right into Kosovo however the end result has far-ranging effects forDivision



air day: 2013-02-22

A CIA representative called Naomi stumbles upon a documents describing Madeline Pierce’s participation with Division and also transforms it over to the Director of the CIA, MorganKendrick When Kendrick is eliminated quickly afterwards, Amanda structures Sean for the murder and also the CIA takes him right into safekeeping. Nikita assures Alex they will certainly release Sean and also creates a strategy that can either conserve him or cost him his life.



air day: 2013-03-01

AfterBirkhoff obtains a suggestion from Shadowbot that Ari remains in NY, Nikita and also Owen swoop into select him up prior to the FBI does. However, Ari discloses he prepared every little thing for an opportunity to speak toNikita He informs her that Amanda has actually gone also much and also is dealing with a terrorist that intends a strike on American dirt. Ari desires fifty million bucks for the details that can cause the terrorist’s capture. When Ryan takes into consideration paying the allurement, Nikita and also Michael are surprised. Meanwhile, Sean is envious of Alex and also Owen’s partnership.



air day: 2013-03-08

Inorder to get control of the black box, Amanda makes strategies to abduct Ari’s child Stefan (DylanMinnette) to utilize him as utilize. Still in Division’s safety safekeeping, Ari pleads Nikita for assistance. However, Stefan’s bodyguard Krieg (AndrewDivoff) takes care of to catch both Nikita and also Amanda and also both need to interact to get away. Owen rages with Michael after Michael designates Alex to be Nikita’s back-up rather than him.


TheLife We’ve Chosen

air day: 2013-03-15

Amandaholds Alex captive and also informs Nikita she will certainly launch Alex forAri Michael designates Nikita and also Sean to deal with the exchange of detainees, however Ryan includes Owen to the group in the nick of time, makings Michael dubious. While in bondage, Alex befriends a fellow detainee called Larissa and also promises to damage them both from the prison, which eventually disputes with Nikita’s strategy, compeling Alex to select in between Nikita and also her pledge toLarissa



air day: 2013-03-29

WhenNikita makes a decision Division must handle a federal government goal to remove the President of Chad while he’s in Paris, Alex rejects and also takes a stand to get involved. Upset that Nikita is concealing from every person, just like Percy did, Alex employees Birkoff to collect tricks on Danforth to utilize as utilize in situation points obtain untidy with the federal government. When they come throughout a secret so large it can blow up Division– essentially, Alex and also Birkhoff are surprised.



air day: 2013-04-05

Nikitaand also Michael find out of a brand-new prosthetic hand that can have Michael back to his old self, however it comes with a high cost. Meanwhile, Alex and also Sean are entrusted with examining that, inside Division, lags a mutiny that finishes in bloodshed.



air day: 2013-04-12

Alexadmits her wish to leave Division to Birkhoff, while Amanda starts offering Owen with something he was never ever able to locate– memories of his actual past. Despite Nikita’s efforts to assist, Owen starts to challenge the occasions of his past.



air day: 2013-04-19

Strappeddown and also drugged, Nikita undergoes Amanda’s dreadful psychological conditioning procedure, sending her down a horrible journey via memory lane. In the procedure, Nikita finds Amanda’s inmost, most safeguarded secret ever before. Now exposed as leader of the uprising, Alex battles to conserve every person as occasions strongly intensify. With Michael secured away by Division accomplices, Birkhoff and also Sean need to tip up to conserve the ladies they enjoy. Meanwhile, Owen’s newly found memories own him to troubling activities throughout Division’s lockdown.



air day: 2013-04-26

Shatteredby Amanda’s programs, her failure to conserve every person, and also her best obligation for the terrible occasions at Division, Alex changes to old means and also strongly sets out. With a lot of their compatriots dead, damaged, or spread to the wind, Nikita and also Michael with each other need to select via the ashes of Division to see that and also just what could be recovered– and also swiftly, prior to the President understands the sinking deepness of the damages. Memories of Division’s magnificence days haunt them. Birkhoff battles with his very own individual losses.



air day: 2013-05-03

Seizedfrom the wreck of Division, the black box falls under the hands of a mutinous representative assisted byAmanda Select leakages to sweeten package’s sale promptly placed just what’s left of the group at risk from prospective worldwide customers and also thePresident With no assistance personnel, couple of leads, and also clock ticking, arms dealer/reformed rogue Cyrus goes back to do right. With his assistance, Nikita, Michael and also Alex phase a bold op at the tightly-secured G-20financial top to reclaim control of package and also every person’s future.



air day: 2013-05-10

Beforecoming to be involved, Nikita stated, “There’s constantly going to be an additional goal.” Now, after hardly making it through traumatic current occasions, Michael concerns his future husband’s dedication to a life past Division’s internet of fraud, double-crosses and also murder – and also he’s not the just one with uncertainties. Still, the staying risk of Amanda impends huge over the group, specifically given that she’s currently allied herself with mystical brand-new companions that provide her with a distressing brand-new tool. Meanwhile, Alex takes into consideration an appealing deal from the Nobel Prize champion she’s protecting.


TilDeath Do Us Part

air day: 2013-05-17

Amandapressures Nikita right into a lethal scenario where she needs to select in between conserving Michael or conserving herself. The group races to locate a method to quit Amanda, however with a lessened Division, they may lastly be out-gunned.

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