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Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama TV Series Sleepy Hollow (season 1, 2, 3, 4) was released in 2015-10-01 by Fox Broadcasting Company Channel. Serial was created by Peter Weller, Russell Lee Fine, directed by Albert Kim, Raven Metzner. Cast include Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Lyndie Greenwood, Zach Appelman, Jessica Camacho, Nikki Reed, James Chen, Alexander Ward. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 7.5/ 10.

Series info

“The US Fanstay- and mystery series Sleepy Hollow tells the story of the Headless Horseman, which ensures the eponymous town for fear. In the thick of it still is Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison), who fought bravely as Captain in the American Revolution. However, in 1981 it occurred in the context of a mission on behalf of General George Washington, that the brave fighter in a battle looked death in the eye and henceforth no longer among the living. Barely a quarter of a century later wakes Ichabod Crane to life, only to find that it has completely changed the world. In 2013, nothing is as it once was. Nevertheless Ichabod Crane brings his past, a faster than is dear to the former captain.
 In the night streets of the haunted town namely a headless horseman is on the loose. Sleepy Hollow is still remained the scene of the eternal struggle between good and evil. Ichabod Crane, who the headless tyrant once personally beheaded, now has white evil in his place, which he once unleashed. As he stumbles aimlessly through the 21st century, he meets the cop Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie), who seems to understand him. Not least, their colleague disappeared Sheriff August Corbin (Clancy Brown) due to the mysterious appearance of a headless horseman. But there is with this realization Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills only at the beginning of an odyssey that takes them directly into the mouth of hell.
 Main characters of Sleepy Hollow
 Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) working originally as a professor of history at Oxford University. As a British henchman he came to America. But later he changed sides and became a spy for the colonies. In the American War of Independence he lost his life in the 1781st 2013 he comes back to life and is found in Sleepy Hollow 21st Jahhrunderts again. Crane has a remarkable knowledge of history and always tries past events in the context of contemporary setting.
 Lt. Grace Abigail Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) is a police officer and was supposed to be transferred to the FBI. Due to the mysterious occurrences in Sleepy Hollow but now occurs locally to the fight against the Headless Horseman. In Ichabod Crane finds it an ally to prevent the impending apocalypse.
 Captain Frank Irving (Orlando Jones) is the head of the Police Department in Sleepy Hollow. He has many years of professional experience and has established itself over time as a professional. Still, he wants to give no credence when he learns for the first time by the Headless Horseman Mills and Crane initially. After Irving is, however, also witnessed the supernatural phenomenon, he supports his colleagues.
 Katrina Crane (Katia Winter) was born under the name Van Tassel. She is the wife of Ichabod Crane. What her husband does not know: She’s also a witch and can it be in the 21st century their fingers to have in the game. Katrina Crane is also responsible for the tight bond between the headless rider and Ichabod Crane.
 Background information on Sleepy Hollow
 In Sleepy Hollow is an American television series that can be located between Mystery- and fantasy elements. The concept of the format, which premiered on Fox on September 16, 2013, comes from the head of the author duo Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. This already worked together on several occasions – including at the scripts for blockbusters like Mission: Impossible 3, Transformers and Star Trek and the respective sequels Transformers – Revenge and Star Trek Into Darkness. As part of Sleepy Hollow television series they adapt the short story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow from the pen of Washington Irving in the present. Even the movie Sleepy Hollow, directed by Tim Burton refers to the mentioned reference template. The focus of the series is Ichabod Crane, who is played by Tom Mison. In February 5, 2014, the German premiere of Sleepy Hollow was held on ProSieben. (MH)”

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Episode Guide


I, Witness

air day: 2015-10-01

With old opponents gone, Abbie and also Crane are evidently going on with their lives. The exploration of a strange tablet computer reveals that there could be a brand-new dark revelation bordering our Witnesses. Both group with each other, with the aid of an old amulet, and also proceed their legendary takedown of the pressures of wickedness.


Whispers at night

air day: 2015-10-08

When Pandora utilizes her powers to let loose a brand-new kind of wickedness, Abbie and also Crane are required to encounter their pasts in unanticipated means.


Blood and also Fear

air day: 2015-10-15

Concern is widespread in Sleepy Hollow when Pandora launches an old artefact from her box that could change a common human right into a frightening number from the past.


The Sisters Mills

air day: 2015-10-22

Much more effective compared to ever before, Pandora releases her most wicked pressure. Abbie and also Jenny function with each other when the most current beast targets the youngsters of Sleepy Hollow.


Dead Men Tell No Tales

air day: 2015-10-29

With Booth and also Brennan in tow, Abbie and also Crane laid out to verify that superordinary pressures go to play when a strange fatality pesters the FBI. As Pandora releases a pressure to stir up the hazardous Red Coast General Howe, both groups should locate a means to conserve the community from the British Army of the Undead. Can the power of Booth and also Brennan incorporated with Abbie and also Crane suffice to quit Pandora’s wicked pressures? (Crossover episode with Bones season 11 episode 5.).


This Red Lady from Caribee

air day: 2015-11-05

When Pandora releases a famous beast to haunt the homeowners of Sleepy Hollow as they rest, Abbie and also Jenny are attracted to face an agonizing component of their past. Abbie makes an important choice for her job and also Crane does his finest to direct her with knowledge from his very own experiences. Will Ichabod lead Abbie to the best choice?


The Art of War

air day: 2015-11-12

When Reynolds goes to D.C. to talk about growths in the Nevins instance, Abbie is left in command. Jenny and also Joe manage unanticipated repercussions as an outcome of taking the fragment, which leaves both the lives of the heroes and also Abbie’s job in wonderful risk. A brand-new, much more hazardous wicked pressure is disclosed.


Novus Ordo Seclorum

air day: 2015-11-19

In the consequences of Jenny and also Joe’s confrontation with Sophie, Abbie remains in deep water with Reynolds. The Witnesses deal with long-term effects of the fragment and also locate themselves in severe risk as they come in person with a better wickedness compared to they can have thought of.


One Life

air day: 2016-02-05

Adhering to Abbie’s massive sacrifice, Crane and also Jennie locate themselves muddle-headed. In an initiative to conserve Abbie, Crane kinds and also not likely collaboration and also Jenny challenges a previous adversary.


Incident At Stone Manor

air day: 2016-02-12

In the pursuit to conserve Abbie, Crane and also Sophie are required to fight a mythological pressure targeting the people of Sleepy Hollow, while Pandora and also The Hidden One just expand more powerful. In an initiative to locate out just what absolutely took place to her sibling, Jenny encounters an old adversary: her papa. Can our heroes address their most individual instance?


Kindred Spirits

air day: 2016-02-19

The Kindred, the Frankenstein-esque animal Abby & & Crane utilized versus the Headless Horseman, returns and also created bloody chaos on SleepyHollow


Sins of the Father

air day: 2016-02-26

When Jenny decides to face her papa, family members chaos from the past increases to the surface area. Atticus Nevins returns to community, bringing even more risk compared to the FBI can have thought of.


Dark Mirror

air day: 2016-03-04

Ichabod uncovers that the animal that motivated the tales of the Jersey Devil. Joe and also Jenny get to a feasible obstacle in their partnership.


Into bush

air day: 2016-03-11

On an FBI team-building day, Abbie and also Sophie come in person with a beast that could ultimately blow their cover with Reynolds. Jenny and also Joe locate themselves in property of something valuable and also Crane uncovers that the icon from the Catacombs could be much more crucial compared to he recognized.



air day: 2016-03-18

After a mythological occasion takes the Witnesses by shock, both Crane and also Abbie are required to function along with their most disliked adversaries. Jenny and also Joe battle to recover their partnership, as they proceed to fight their very own interior devils.


Dawn’s Early Light

air day: 2016-03-25

As The Hidden One expands more powerful, Crane needs to analyze his past with Betsy Ross to locate the secret to quiting him. Jenny asks yourself if she could ever before have a partnership with her papa, and also Abbie encounters a tough choice as points with Reynolds come to be much more stretched.



air day: 2016-04-01

With a solitary day left prior to The Hidden One restores omniscience, Abbie and also Crane should do the unimaginable in a desperate initiative to conserve the globe. Jenny, Joe and also Sophie design a strategy to delay as the Witnesses function.



air day: 2016-04-08

After a stunning exploration, Abbie and also Crane understand just what they should perform in order making Pandora’s box total once more. The group functions relentlessly to quit The Hidden One, prior to he ruins all of humankind. Could the Witnesses prosper with the destiny of the globe in their hands once more.

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