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Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Series Supernatural (season 1-10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15) was released in 2010-09-24 by The WB Television Network Channel. Serial was created by Philip Sgriccia, Eric Kripke, directed by Sera Gamble,. Cast include Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Laura Mennell, Rebecca Davis. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 8.6/ 10.

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The reward: finishing the Apocalypse. The cost: Sam’s life. Season 5’s dreadful ending left Dean alone, as Sam came down right into Hell. Currently a various guy, Dean promises to quit searching as well as commit himself to constructing a household with Lisa as well as her kid Ben. Strangely, Sam re-emerges, attracting Dean back right into the old life. Sam’s a various guy as well. He’s returned without his spirit. Just how the Winchesters face this biggest difficulty yet to their effective bond is the distressed heart – as well as spirit – of the extensive as well as thrilling 22- Episode Season6 As the bros battle to rejoin, they need to likewise fight dangerous supernatural pressures. Devils. Angels. Vampires. Shapeshifters. As well as a scary brand-new opponent called the Mother of All.

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Exile on Main Street

air day: 2010-09-24

Sam is inexplicably launched from Hell as well as looks for his bro, aiming to have a regular life. With each other the bros need to sign up with pressures with their mother’s grandpa, Samuel, as well as start the battle once again.


Two as well as a Half Men

air day: 2010-10-01

Sam explores an instance concerning missing out on children whose moms and dads are being killed. At one of the criminal activity scenes, he finds a child that was left as well as calls Dean for aid. Hesitant to leave Lisa as well as Ben, Dean ultimately consents to satisfy Sam as well as shocks his bro with exactly how adult he has actually come to be. The bros take the infant to Samuel, that makes a decision to elevate it as a seeker, which exasperates Dean. Prior to they could make a decision the infant’s future, a shape-shifter breaks in as well as tries to abduct the infant.


The Third Man

air day: 2010-10-08

Sam as well as Dean call Castiel for aid when they examine an instance concerning a number of dead law enforcement officer that appear to have actually been eliminated by the plagues of Egypt. Castiel validates the team of Moses was made use of to eliminate the police officers as well as informs Sam as well as Dean that Heaven remains in a state of turmoil as well as God’s tools have actually been taken. The 3 avoid to locate the burglar as well as come in person with an old opponent.


Weekend at Bobby’s

air day: 2010-10-15

After Bobby finds Crowley has no purposes of returning Bobby’s spirit, the seeker takes issues right into his very own hands. He gets in touch with Sam as well as Dean for aid after he discovers among Crowley’s inmost keys. Sam as well as Dean discover just what Bobby does all day when they are not about.


Live Free or Twihard

air day: 2010-10-22

After a team of girls go missing out on Sam as well as Dean recognize that a team of vampires have actually settled in the village. After a battle with 2 of the blood-suckers, Dean is attacked as well as transformeds into a vampire.

Samuel informs Dean he could transform him back however he would certainly need to obtain the blood of the vampire that transformed him. Dean infiltrates the nest as well as encounters the Alpha …


You Can’t Handle the Truth

air day: 2010-10-29

Sam as well as Dean examine a series of self-destructions as well as find the targets were being informed ruthless facts that owned them insane. They figure out somebody is conjuring up the Goddess of Truth, Veritas, requiring individuals to be cruelly truthful versus their will certainly as well as Dean is the following target. Dean is compelled to inform Sam the reality concerning exactly how he really feels concerning his return from Hell.


Family Matters

air day: 2010-11-05

Dean comes to be dubious of Samuel’s objectives, however Sam isn’t really marketed on the suggestion that their grandpa is doing anything incorrect. The bros accompany on a search with Samuel as well as the various other Campbells, however points go horribly haywire.


All Dogs Go to Heaven

air day: 2010-11-12

Dean as well as Sam examine just what appears to be a monster murder however becomes a skinwalker impersonating a household pet dog that is retaliating on his proprietor’s adversaries.


Clap Your Hands If You Believe …

air day: 2010-11-19

While Sam as well as Dean are examining a UFO discovery, Dean is abducted from a plant circle. When he stirs up, he finds he isn’t really dealing with aliens, however fairies! Just Dean could see the fairy that maintains striking him which makes mapping as well as quiting them challenging. The bros end up being much more perplexed when Sam’s examination leads them to a globe filled with fairies, gnomes as well as a leprechaun.


Caged Heat

air day: 2010-12-03

Meg abducts Sam as well as Dean as well as aims to require them to inform her where Crowley is concealing. Sam makes her a bargain – they will certainly aid her locate Crowley if she guarantees to abuse him for info concerning ways to obtain Sam’s spirit back. Castiel signs up with the battle however locates it challenging to collaborate with Meg.


Appointment in Samarra

air day: 2010-12-10

Dean looks for Death in order to help obtain Sam’s spirit back. Fatality informs Dean he will certainly aid Sam if Dean will certainly accept work as Death for 24 hrs. Sam chooses he does not desire his spirit back as well as asks Balthazar for a safety spell to maintain his spirit out of his body. Balthazar informs Sam he requires the blood of his dad for the spell to function as well as because John Winchester is dead, Sam makes a decision Bobby is the following finest point.


Like a Virgin

air day: 2011-02-04

Dean as well as Bobby anxiously await Sam to get up to see if Death had the ability to recover his spirit without triggering Sam to shed his mind. Dean as well as Bobby examine a loss of virgins as well as find dragons are behind the kidnappings. Bobby sends out Dean to a physician that possesses the only tool worldwide that could kill a dragon, however Dean should show himself worthwhile sufficient to take it.



air day: 2011-02-11

Sam begins to have recalls to an instance he dealt with with Samuel prior to he reconnected with Dean. Sam gets a mystical message with collaborates to a village, so the bros make a decision to examine. Dean is stunned when the townspeople begin informing him a few of things Sam did while he lived there.


Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

air day: 2011-02-18

Ben calls Dean as well as informs him Lisa remains in difficulty. Dean leaves Sam to examine an instance alone as well as hurries house to save Lisa, nonetheless, he’s not gotten ready for just what satisfies him at the door. Sam finds the guys that were killed were all a component of a harsh useful joke played on a women colleague that went missing out on.


The French Mistake

air day: 2011-02-25

Dean as well as Sam locate themselves in an alternating truth where everybody thinks they are 2 stars called Jensen Ackles as well as Jared Padalecki, that star in a TELEVISION program called Supernatural concerning 2 bros that search beasts.


… And Then There Were None

air day: 2011-03-04

Eve, the Mother of All, lets loose a brand-new beast after the globe: a black worm-slug that could get in the mind as well as require individuals to eliminate. Sam as well as Dean sign up with pressures with Bobby as well as Rufus as well as track it to a cannery, just to find that Gwen as well as Samuel are likewise there trying to find the beast … as well as none recognize that the beast is within.


My Heart Will Go On

air day: 2011-04-15

After Balthazar modifications background as well as maintains the Titanic from sinking, Fate interferes as well as starts eliminating those that would certainly have passed away on the ship. Castiel informs Sam as well as Dean that Fate is mad with both of them as well as the only method they could survive is to eliminate her.



air day: 2011-04-22

While looking for a method to beat Eve, Dean comes across Samuel Colt’s journal in the Campbell collection. Recognizing Samuel may have the response to their troubles, Sam as well as Dean ask Castiel to send them back in time so they could satisfy the guy himself. While Sam is a little bit unwilling to time traveling, Dean is close to himself with exhilaration to go back to bush, Wild West.


Mommy Dearest

air day: 2011-04-29

Sam, Dean, Bobby as well as Castiel track Eve to a village in Oregon. The men find the townspeople have actually been transformed to devils, however remarkably, they all seem passing away. When they ultimately do satisfy Eve, she makes a decision to abuse the bros by reviving their mom.


The Man Who Would Be King

air day: 2011-05-06

Castiel informs Sam, Dean as well as Bobby concerning the battle in paradise as well as exactly how he as well as Raphael ended up being adversaries. Bobby thinks Castiel is concealing something, however Dean chooses not to think it.


Let It Bleed

air day: 2011-05-20

A devil abducts Ben as well as Lisa to obtain to Dean. Sam as well as Dean are compelled to accompany a not likely ally to release them.


The Man Who Knew Too Much

air day: 2011-05-20

The wall surface boils down in Sam’s head as well as all heck break out. Dean as well as Bobby are, for as soon as, at a failure on ways to aid him as well as are compelled to wait as well as not do anything while Sam breaks. The fight for paradise caps.

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