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Drama, Fantasy, Horror TV Series The Vampire Diaries (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) was released in 2012-10-11 by The CW Channel. Serial was created by Caroline Dries, Jose Molina, directed by Chris Grismer, Julie Plec. Cast include Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen, Kat Graham, Candice King, Claire Holt, Claire Holt. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 7.8/ 10.

Series info

The4th season starts with whatever in change. Elena encounters her worst problem as she stirs up from her lethal crash to locate she should currently sustain the scary modification of ending up being a vampire– or encounter specific fatality. Stefan and also Damon are torn also additionally apart over the best ways to aid Elena get used to a life she never ever desired, and also every person should handle the mayhem produced after the vampires and also their advocates were bent on the community council and also regional leaders. Regardless of whatever, as Elena and also her pals become part of the last stretch of secondary school prior to college graduation sends them on various courses, they really feel the bond to their house community of Mystic Falls handle a much deeper significance when a brand-new mystical bad guy is presented that appears bent on damaging it.

It took only four months after the tragic accident that killed their parents, and 17-year-old Elena Gilbert and her 15-year-old brother, Jeremy are still trying to recover from the loss and return to normal life. Elena has always been an excellent student, a beautiful and popular girl in school, but now it is very difficult to hide her sadness from the world. At the beginning of the school year the attention of Elena and her friends are attracted new student, a mysterious and beautiful Stefan Salvatore. Stefan and Elena are immediately feel mutual sympathy, but Elena did not even suspect that Stephen – a vampire, which for hundreds of years, and who tries to live peacefully among humans, despite the fact that his brother, Damon – the embodiment of vampire violence and bloodthirstiness. Now the two brothers-vampire – one good, one evil – are fighting for the soul of Helen, her friends and other inhabitants of the town of Mystic Falls.

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Episode Guide


Expanding Discomforts

air day: 2012-10-11

Elena awakens on the early morning after the crash to locate the important things she feared most has actually happened– she passed away with vampire blood in her system and also currently need to undergo the dreadful change to come to be a vampire … or encounter specific fatality. Stefan guarantees Elena that he and also Bonnie will certainly wear down every feasible escape of the scenario, however Damon rages with his bro for allowing Elena pass away to begin with. Bonnie pays a dreadful rate for her effort to transform Elena’s destiny, while Damon obtains his stress and also craze on Matt. In an unusual minute of compassion, Rebekah is deeply touched by Stefan and also Elena’s commitment to each other. Priest Youthful and also the Community Council participants start rounding up the vampires and also their advocates, leading to an unforeseen disaster.



air day: 2012-10-18

Elena aims to handle the severe low and high that become part of ending up being a vampire, and also Stefan and also Damon virtually pertain to impacts while suggesting regarding exactly what is best for her. Damon chooses to assist Elena in his very own means and also asks her not to inform Stefan. A complete stranger, Connor Jordan, shows up in the area and also starts examining Constable Forbes and also Mayor Lockwood. Connor’s activities rapidly persuade Stefan that they are taking care of a hazardous vampire seeker. Jeremy and also Matt marvel to see a lady they utilized to recognize, April, has actually gone back to community and also is signing up at Mystic Falls High. At a community event, Elena resembles blowing up till Caroline action in to assist her.



air day: 2012-10-25

Connor proceeds his search to reveal the keys of Mystic Falls and also aims to persuade Jeremy to deal with him. With Dr. Fell’s aid, Damon and also Klaus inquiry Connor, however the fight takes a dangerous turn. Attempting to maintain her brand-new life as regular as feasible, Elena is figured out to proceed her elderly year at Mystic Falls High with assistance from Matt and also Caroline. Rebekah’s arrival at college makes it hard for Elena to regulate her temper, however she finds out that facing Rebekah could be incredibly unsafe. Later on, Rebekah recognizes exactly how alone she is, and also connects to April. Stefan takes Elena on an exhilarating bike trip in an initiative to reveal her that life could still be enjoyable. Tyler obtains a shock go to from Hayley, a monster that aided him with the experience of damaging his sire-bond to Klaus. Worried regarding Elena, along with his very own feelings, Stefan resorts to a supportive Caroline for recommendations.



air day: 2012-11-01

Damon chooses Elena and also Bonnie to check out Whitmore University, where Teacher Shane is taking control of the Occult Researches courses previously instructed by Bonnie’s grandma. At a society outfit celebration, Damon benefits from the wild scene to offer Elena a lesson in picking a sufferer. Rebekah’s effort to acquire Matt’s mercy fails, however she is captivated by unforeseen information from Klaus. When Stefan concerns Klaus regarding Connor’s objectives, Klaus discloses a long-ago experience with an effective team of vampire seekers, however it’s Rebekah that provides the info that stuns Stefan.



air day: 2012-11-08

Stefan and also Klaus develop an anxious partnership to attempt and also include the risk that Connor has actually released on the community. When Connor takes Jeremy, Matt and also April captive at the Grill, Stefan and also Damon have a severe dispute regarding the most effective strategy, and also Elena is once more captured in between both bros. The scenario rapidly transforms terrible when Klaus sends out among his crossbreeds, Dean to withstand Connor. Caroline is stunned to locate Hayley at the Lockwood estate. At the same time, Teacher Shane deals with Bonnie to assist her surpass her worry and also sense of guilt.


Most of us Go A Little Mad Occasionally

air day: 2012-11-15

Scary hallucinations leave Elena drunk and also perplexed, creating her making a hazardous error. After providing Stefan some really troubling information regarding Elena, Klaus takes issues right into his very own hands. Teacher Shane discloses a tale of old witchcraft to Damon and also Bonnie. With aid from Klaus and also Stefan, Jeremy starts a brand-new phase in his life. Elena makes an uncomfortable individual admission to Stefan, and also Matt provides Damon stunning brand-new info regarding Teacher Shane.


My Sibling’s Caretaker

air day: 2012-11-29

Caroline does her finest to be there for Stefan and also Elena in a bumpy ride. Damon aims to persuade Stefan to assist him reveal Prof. Shane’s objectives, however Stefan is bent on performing a various strategy with Klaus. At the yearly Miss Mystic Falls Contest, Elena and also Caroline offer April recommendations on which gown to use, while Tyler and also Hayley collaborate on a secret task, and also Damon challenges Prof. Shane with his uncertainties. Distressed by the dazzling headaches he’s having, Jeremy resorts to Matt for aid, however the scenario rises faster compared to any person anticipated.


We’ll Constantly Have Bourbon Road

air day: 2012-12-06

When Stefan challenges Damon with an uncertainty regarding Elena, Damon has no option however to assist Stefan check out. Searching for responses, Damon and also Stefan go to modern New Orleans to see if they could locate any person that bears in mind the occasions of their last go to in 1942, consisting of among Damon’s previous fires, Charlotte. Elena, Caroline and also Bonnie share a ladies’ evening while the Salvatore bros run out community, and also feelings run high when Elena provides some stunning information. At Hayley’s advising, Tyler challenges among Klaus’ crossbreeds, Kimberly, and also the scenario rapidly rises right into physical violence. Damon is encountered with a heartbreaking choice.


O Come, All Ye Faithful

air day: 2012-12-13

As a Winter season Wonderland-themed celebration fills up the roads of Mystic Falls, Stefan and also Caroline locate themselves up in arms with Tyler over his prepare for Klaus and also his crossbreeds. Hayley locates a remarkable means to make it clear that she is not on board when Caroline suggests an option to their trouble. Later on, Klaus makes an exploration that results in mayhem and also physical violence. At the same time, Elena and also Damon resort to the Gilbert Lake Residence to assist Jeremy overcome some unsafe internal devils with the aid of Bonnie and also Teacher Shane, that discloses an item of old background that leaves them all without words.


After Institution Unique

air day: 2013-01-17

Showing up all of a sudden at Mystic Falls High, Rebekah throws away no time at all aiming to require Stefan, Elena and also Caroline to address her concerns regarding the look for a remedy, causing a bombshell item of info from Elena. When Bonnie’s daddy, Rudy Owens, approves the duty of Meantime Mayor, he makes it a top priority to safeguard his child, that isn’t really in any way comfy with the duty he all of a sudden intends to play in her life. Teacher Shane continuouslies urge Bonnie to rely on her powers, however he quickly locates himself at risk when he discloses way too much to the incorrect individual. Later on, Caroline does her finest to comfort Tyler after a terrible fight. At the same time, at the lake residence, Damon and also Matt train Jeremy, aiming to elevate his video game as a seeker, however Klaus is quick-tempered with their progression and also interferes to accelerate the procedure.


Capture Me If You Could

air day: 2013-01-24

Jeremy rages when Klaus aims to regulate him by placing Matt’s life at risk. Damon trainers Jeremy as he prepares to handle Klaus’ brand-new vampires, however they locate that Kol has actually defeated them to it. Kol makes it clear that he will certainly quit at absolutely nothing to persuade every person to surrender the look for the remedy. Seeking a brand-new ally, Rebekah advises Stefan that they were when buddies. When Constable Forbes and also Mayor Hopkins inquiry Shane regarding his participation in the Owners’ Council fatalities, Bonnie action in with concerns of her very own, and also Shane’s reactions press Bonnie to the side of her powers. Elena works out with Klaus to maintain Jeremy risk-free, however when risk all of a sudden shows up from a completely unforeseen adversary, Elena thinks of her very own bold prepare for Jeremy.


A Sight To An Eliminate

air day: 2013-01-31

When Rebekah rejects Klaus’ appeal to quit Kol and also safeguard Jeremy, Klaus resorts to Stefan for aid. After a mad fight with her daddy, Mayor Hopkins, over his unique method to finishing the physical violence in Mystic Falls, Bonnie has a frightening encounter with Kol, complied with by an unforeseen site visitor. Klaus makes complex the currently stressful sensations in between Stefan and also Damon by exposing a little bit of Stefan’s individual life, after that shocks Damon by requesting for individual recommendations. Elena informs Stefan regarding her unsafe prepare for Jeremy, leaving Stefan in a tough place. When the secondary school’s 1980 s Years Dancing is terminated by Mayor Hopkins, Stefan locates a lovely means making it as much as a let down Rebekah.


Into bush

air day: 2013-02-07

Shane leads an exploration to a barren island off the shore of Nova Scotia, where he thinks the key of the remedy exists concealed. On the trip to the island’s inside, Rebekah and also Elena proceed their bitter competition, Stefan does his finest to maintain the tranquility, and also Damon implicates Shane of leading them right into a catch. Bonnie and also Jeremy attempt to identify the message of the Seeker’s mark, while Shane discloses even more of the tale of Silas and also the witch Qetsiyah, in addition to his very own individual background. Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler challenges Klaus, and also Caroline is captured up in the physical violence that complies with.


Down the Bunny Opening

air day: 2013-02-14

On the island, Damon has a hideous encounter with a Seeker called Vaughn, and also recognizes he is just one of The 5. Stefan admits his real sensations regarding the opportunity of ending up being human once more to Elena. When a spectacular brand-new item of info regarding the remedy is all of a sudden disclosed, it transforms the risks for every person. Jeremy assists Bonnie identify exactly what is actual and also exactly what is an impression, and also Shane is comforted by a lady from his past, Caitlin. Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline and also Tyler locate that their effort to equate the code on the Seeker’s Sword is useless without aid from Klaus, that has his very own factors for addressing the challenge.


Wait Me

air day: 2013-02-21

When Stefan shows up back in Mystic Falls with Elena and also Jeremy, Caroline is quickly bothered with Elena’s frame of mind. Stefan connects to Dr. Fell and also Matt for aid. Still on the island, Damon passes on mournful information to Rebekah, and also is stunned at her response. With each other, Damon and also Rebekah discover an unforeseen little current background from Vaughn. Every person is frightened when Bonnie discloses the remainder of Shane’s strategy.


Bring It On

air day: 2013-03-14

Elena’s brand-new expectation has every person worried, leading Stefan and also Damon to concur that returning to the regular regimen of secondary school would certainly be the most effective point for her. Caroline is happily stunned when Elena chooses to rejoin the cheerleading team, however her satisfaction resorts to shock when Elena’s habits verifies unsafe. Not surrendering on their look for the remedy, Damon and also Rebekah collaborate till his undesirable recommendations captures her off-guard. Klaus aims to make use of Hayley to obtain the info he wants and also makes a fascinating exploration while doing so. {At the same time, a bored Elena tosses a wild celebration and also obtains right into a hideous battle.|A bored Elena tosses a wild celebration and also obtains right into a hideous battle.}


Due to the fact that the Evening

air day: 2013-03-21

Recognizing that Elena requires a long time far from Mystic Falls, Damon takes her to New york city City, where he lived and also partied hard in the 1970 s. When Rebekah likewise appears in New york city, she’s pleased with Elena’s secret program. Recalls disclose Damon’s hedonic life in the below ground club scene and also a challenging experience with Lexi.


American Gothic

air day: 2013-03-28

Elena and also Rebekah remove searching for Katherine and also locate themselves in a village in Pennsylvania, where Elena has an unusual experience with an additional old colleague– Elijah. Stefan and also Damon are both worried regarding Elena’s frame of mind and also are figured out to do exactly what’s finest for her, however she makes it clear that assisting her will certainly be hard. Damon is unsure the best ways to respond when Stefan discloses his unforeseen prepare for the future.


Photo of You

air day: 2013-04-18

After choosing that exasperates Klaus, Elijah suggests a life-altering obstacle for Rebekah. Caroline locates that her thoroughly laid prepare for the ideal Prom evening are interrupted by Elena, so she resorts to an entertained Klaus for an option. Figured out to obtain with to Elena, Damon and also Stefan both go to the senior prom, however the night starts to spiral unmanageable in spite of their initiatives. When Elena all of a sudden snaps in such a way no person can have anticipated, Matt resorts to Rebekah for aid.



air day: 2013-04-25

Performing on a mystical suggestion that a story is making versus him in New Orleans, Klaus makes a journey to the community he and also his household aided develop. Klaus’ concerns lead him to a get-together with his previous protégé, Marcel, a charming vampire that has complete control over the superordinary and also human citizens of New Orleans. Figured out to assist his bro locate redemption, Elijah complies with Klaus and also quickly finds out that Hayley has actually likewise concerned the French Quarter looking for hints to her household background, and also has actually come under the hands of an effective witch called Sophie. At the same time, in Mystic Falls, Damon and also Stefan proceed with their prepare for Elena, while Katherine discloses an unusual susceptability to Rebekah and also asks her to provide a message.


She’s Come Undone

air day: 2013-05-02

Damon and also Stefan attempt a ruthless brand-new method to prompt Elena right into transforming her humankind back on, and also Caroline is irritated when her effort to interfere backfires. When Elena determines a method to call the Salvatore bros’ bluff, they ask for back-up from an unusual resource. Matt provides Rebekah some unwanted recommendations on her life selections, and also she aims to aid him in return. Caroline has experience with Klaus, and also Katherine is questionable when Bonnie makes her a deal that she guarantees will certainly profit them both.


TheStrolling Dead

air day: 2013-05-09

As College graduation Day methods, Caroline aims to sidetrack Elena by concentrating on straightforward jobs like sending news, however Elena will not be persuaded from her brand-new fixation. Constable Forbes calls Damon and also Stefan to the healthcare facility, where somebody has actually been striking individuals. Still aiming to require Katherine to assist her, Bonnie chooses not to surrender on her strategy to beat Silas. As a terrible wind tornado triggers a power failure in Mystic Falls, ghosts all of a sudden show up – some with excellent intents and also some set on vengeance.


College graduation

air day: 2013-05-16

On College graduation Day, Mystic Falls is overwhelmed with ghosts bent on clearing up old ratings and also satisfying their superordinary fates. Damon’s life remains in risk after a macabre experience, while Matt and also Rebekah sign up with pressures to fight a ghost figured out to locate the remedy. As every person collects for the college graduation event and also the ghosts merge, aid originates from a not likely hero. Caroline obtains a touching and also unforeseen college graduation existing, and also Bonnie’s strategy results in the closing of the shroud. Elena chooses regarding the Salvatore bros and also encounters an impressive fight with Katherine. Lastly, Stefan uncovers a terrible idea to the enigma bordering Silas.

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