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Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction TV Series Doctor Who Classic Original (season 1-26) was released in 1963-11-23 by BBC One Channel. Serial was created by C. E. Webber, Anthony Coburn, directed by Anthony Coburn. Cast include William Hartnell, Carole Ann Ford, William Russell, Jacqueline Hill, Francesca Bertorelli, Eileen Way. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 8.5/ 10.

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The very first season of British sci-fi tv series Doctor Who started on 23 November 1963 with the very first tale An Unearthly Kid as well as upright 12 September 1964 with The Power of Fear.

The eleventh season of the cult series can be considered unique in many ways. Firstly, Doctor Who becomes a woman – before the lead role is always played by men. Secondly, the new part will consist of 10 episodes. This means that every episode is a separate story with strings and ending. As for ways of moving through time and space, then all remains unchanged – The doctor will continue to travel in an unusual sound machine that resembles a phone booth outside the 50-ies of the last century. Inside the device is actually dimensionless – there is not only a place of “pilot”, but the doors to the various corners of the universe. Helps doctors to be new satellites, which become bystanders unusual appearance of the main character in the world. Everything begins when, in the town of South Yorkshire is something inexplicable happens: from the sky falls a woman, not remembering anything about his past. She does not even know his own name, and therefore asks for help from a Trinity surprised. Eyewitnesses agree to help her sort out all over, without even knowing that from that moment their lives changed dramatically.

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Episode Guide


An Unearthly Kid

air day: 1963-11-23

London, 1963.

Schoolteachers Ian Chesterton as well as Barbara Wright are astonished by the behavior of among their students, Susan Supervisor. Her understanding of scientific research as well as background surpasses their own, yet she appears entirely oblivious of numerous usual facets of day-to-day life. They follow her to her residence address, a junk-yard with a cops telephone box standing in it, as well as experience her grandpa, the enigmaticDoctor When they require their method past him right into the cops box, Susan’s trick is exposed: she as well as the Doctor are aliens, as well as the cops box is a time device, the TARDIS, efficient in checking out any kind of factor in deep space anytime in time …


The Cavern of Skulls

air day: 1963-11-30

Planet, 100,000B.C.

The enigmatic Doctor, scared that teachers Ian Chesterton as well as Barbara Wright will certainly disclose his keys to individuals of 20 th century Planet, has actually taken them as well as his granddaughter Susan back to the dawn of human background. There, the 4 tourists are dragged right into the vicious national politics of a people of neanderthals who have actually shed the trick of making fire …


The Woodland of Anxiety

air day: 1963-12-07

Prisoners of the earliest human beings, the TARDIS team are captured in a harmful power play for management of the people.


The Firemaker

air day: 1963-12-14

The TARDIS team should make fire for the very early human beings to survive.


The Dead World

air day: 1963-12-21

Time Unidentified, World Unidentified. The TARDIS lands in a spooky scared woodland forgeting a wonderful steel city. The Doctor intends to check out the city– yet just what is waiting there? The Doctor will satisfy just what will certainly become his biggest adversaries. And also he as well as his team are passing away of radiation illness.


The Retreat

air day: 1964-01-04

Sent to prison on Skaro by the unscrupulous Daleks, the Doctor as well as his buddies function to leave their clutches.


The Ambush

air day: 1964-01-11

The moment tourists function seriously to both get away the Dalek city as well as stop a bloody carnage.


The Exploration

air day: 1964-01-18

The moment tourists have actually run away from the Daleks, yet left an important item of the TARDIS behind. Obtaining it back will certainly imply pressing the Thals to place an unsafe procedure.


The Experience

air day: 1964-01-25

Ian, Barbara as well as the Thals cope the caverns to get to the Dalek city. Will they arrive in time? Exists also a method with the treacherous caverns? And also just what are the Daleks preparation?


The Rescue

air day: 1964-02-01

Time is going out as the Doctor as well as his buddies attempt to beat the Daleks prior to they erase all life on Skaro.


The Side of Devastation

air day: 1964-02-08

A mystical surge has actually knocked the TARDIS right into space. And also in their complication, the team are switching on each other.


The Verge of Catastrophe

air day: 1964-02-15

The TARDIS is adrift, the team switching on each various other. Just by collaborating could they discover their escape prior to they are damaged.


The Roofing system of the Globe

air day: 1964-02-22

The TARDIS experiences a complete power failing as well as is stranded in the Mountain range in the 13 th century. The tourists are compelled to sign up with the campers of the popular traveler, Marco Polo, in order to make it through– yet Polo, captivated by their insurance claims that the TARDIS could fly with the air, takes it in behalf of Kublai Khan in the hope that providing the Khan with such a wonderful present will certainly encourage him to allow Polo return house to Venice. The tourists are compelled to come with Polo on his lengthy expedition throughout Asia to the Khan’s court, yet their numerous efforts to redeem their building are handicapped– not simply by Polo, yet by the battle lord Tegana, who is obviously on an objective of tranquility yet has totally various prepare for taking care of Kublai Khan …


The Singing Sands

air day: 1964-02-29

Tegana screws up the event’s water bags, leaving them in alarming demand of fresh products.


5 Hundred Eyes

air day: 1964-03-07

The Doctor as well as Susan have the ability to provide Marco with condensation that has actually developed inside the TARDIS, conserving the team from passing away of first.When the team are rejoined with Tegana, the tourists start to believe he depends on something.


The Wall surface of Lies

air day: 1964-03-14

The Doctor’s team take care of to save Barbara from the Mongols once even more Marco continues to be uninformed of Tegana’s participation.


Motorcyclist from Shang Tu

air day: 1964-03-21

The Doctor as well as his buddies choose to caution Marco of Acomat’s strike although it suggests shedding their opportunity to access to the TARDIS.


Mighty Kublai Khan

air day: 1964-03-27

The Doctor, Ian as well as Barbara are compelled to give up to Tegana as well as Marco, leaving both of them the possibility to get property of the TARDIS.


Assassin at Peking

air day: 1964-04-04

Tegana lastly makes his relocate to execute the Khan, providing the Doctor as well as his buddies a possibility to prevent his strategies as well as gain back the TARDIS.


The Sea of Fatality

air day: 1964-04-11

The unusual globe of Marinus. Perfect tranquility has actually ruled right here for years as a result of the mind-controlling impact of an equipment referred to as the Principles. Currently a race understood as the Voord have actually established a resistance as well as Arbitan, caretaker of the device, has actually been compelled to spread the essential control secrets around the world. Currently he requires the assistance of the moment tourists to obtain them back – it will certainly be a remarkable trip, with dangers every action of the method …


The Velour Internet

air day: 1964-04-18

The Doctor as well as his buddies show up in the obviously picturesque city of Morphoton yet Barbara quickly starts to understand there is even more to their hosts compared to fulfills the eye.


The Shouting Forest

air day: 1964-04-25

The look for the 2nd trick takes the tourists to a forest where Ian as well as Barbara come under danger from swiftly expanding plants.


The Snows of Fear

air day: 1964-05-02

Searching for the 3rd trick, Ian as well as Barbara consult with the scary trapper Vasor prior to complying with Susan as well as the others right into a cavern system safeguarded by the strange Ice Soldiers.


Sentence of Fatality

air day: 1964-05-09

The team are rejoined with the Doctor in the city of Millennius where Ian deals with test for murder after the 4th trick is taken.


The Keys of Marinus

air day: 1964-05-16

The Doctor as well as his buddies should situate the actual killers as well as the 4th trick prior to avoiding for a last conflict with the Voord


The Holy place of Wickedness

air day: 1964-05-23

The TARDIS shows up in the world touchdown in 16 th century Aztec culture. Barbara goes off checking out – regardless of the Doctor’s orders not to stray – as well as is eliminated by the high clergyman Autloc who thinks she is the reincarnation of the siren Yetaxa. They think it is an indicator that the rainfalls – which are late – will certainly currently come. The high clergyman of sacrifice Tlotoxl hires Ian to lead their military yet he locates he has an opponent in Ixta. When he discovers that they are to supply the human sacrifice to the high clergyman at the rainfall event, Ian is much less compared to comfy with his duty. The Doctor stresses that they should not conflict with Aztec routines, something that does not agree with Barbara.


The Warriors of Fatality

air day: 1964-05-30

Barbara attempts to transform the training course of background – as well as Ian defend his life.


The New bride of Sacrifice

air day: 1964-06-06

While the Doctor looks for a back to the TARDIS, Tlotoxl continuouslies outline Barbara’s failure as well as sees an opening when Susan inquiries Aztec personalized.


The Day of Darkness

air day: 1964-06-13

Tlotoxl’s machinations lead to both Susan as well as Ian being arrested.With the TARDIS once more caught inside the burial place, the tourists’ only expect getaway exists with Autloc as well as Cameca.


Complete strangers precede

air day: 1964-06-20

The 28 th century. The TARDIS happens on a spacecraf orbiting a world referred to as the Sense-Sphere, whose citizens, the Sensorites, have actually caught the ship’s human team in a state of paralysis.


The Resistant Warriors

air day: 1964-06-27

The Doctor as well as his buddies get on board a Planet ship caught in orbit around the Sense-Sphere when it is boarded by the Sensorites, who take the lock device from the TARDIS.


Hidden Risk

air day: 1964-07-11

The Doctor as well as his buddies are accompanied to the Sense-Sphere where they try to bargain with the Sensorites for the launch of the TARDIS.


A Race Versus Fatality

air day: 1964-07-18

With Ian having actually succumbed the Sensorites’ pester, the Doctor is determined to discover a remedy. However the City Manager is still figured out to clear his globe of aliens.



air day: 1964-07-27

The City Manager is figured out to damage the Doctor as well as his buddies as well as his fear avoids the Doctor’s remedy from being dispersed.


A Determined Endeavor

air day: 1964-08-01

While the City Manager’s plans reach their orgasm, the Doctor as well as Ian endeavor right into the passages under the city to find the actual source of the Sensorite pester.


A Land of Anxiety

air day: 1964-08-08

The TARDIS lands throughout the Reign of terror, where Ian, Barbara, as well as Susan end up being captured up in the national politics of the day.


Visitors of Madame Guillotine

air day: 1964-08-15

Susan, Ian as well as Barbara are punished to be guillotined yet an experience with a passing away English detainee might provide Ian an opportunity of survival.


An Adjustment of Identification

air day: 1964-08-22

Susan as well as Barbara are saved by Jules as well as Jean, 2 participants of the getaway chain, while the Doctor get to the jail by impersonating a transformation authorities.


The Authoritarian of France

air day: 1964-08-29

The Doctor is pushed into a conference with Robespierre while Barbara’s efforts to discover a medical professional for Susan lead to them being betrayed.


A Deal of Need

air day: 1964-09-05

Ian locates himself held detainee by the treacherous Leon while the Doctor tries to designer Susan as well as Barbara’s getaway.


Prisoners of Conciergerie

air day: 1964-09-12

Ian lastly provides his message to James Stirling yet in order to protect Susan’s launch he as well as Barbara are pushed into an unsafe snooping goal.

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