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TV Series Dragons' Den CA (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) was released in 2011-09-14 by CBC Television Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Kevin O'Leary, Arlene Dickinson, Jim Treliving, Dianne Buckner. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

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Episode 1

air date: 2011-09-14

In the season premiere a towel that has the Dragons all wrapped up; an all-natural practitioner gets a dose of reality; and a coffee company needs a jolt to expand their business. Plus a water idea makes the Dragons thirsty for more. Pitches include: Chawel, Thomas Compact Herbal First-Aid Kit, Balzac’s Coffee Roasters,, Superjoe, Patches, American Football Darts, Event Water Solutions.


Episode 2

air date: 2011-09-21

An opera performance starts the Den out on a high note; a jerky business gives the Dragons something to chew on; and a racy line of novelty products heats up the Den. Plus a new way to cash in on unwanted gifts. Pitches include: Lime Slicing Machine, Mercury Opera, Winfall, Personal Pool,, B.K.H. Jerky, 4Play Creative, Nordixx Nordic Pole Walking.


Episode 3

air date: 2011-09-28

School is in when the Dragons are taught the importance of an easy day; a musical about bullying targets the Den; and a shocking invention takes the headache out of investing. Plus a celebrity chef tries to cook up a deal. Pitches include: Cefaly Migraine Device, Ontario’s Own, Winsectrap, Mute: A Musical, Franbrewski Distributing (Pourin’ Star), Easy Daysies, Forever Free Hearse, Gamma-Ray Boosters.


Episode 4

air date: 2011-10-05

A pet website meets its match in the Den; the Dragons wrestle with an entertaining idea; and an online magazine hopes to hook up with an investment. Plus the Dragons get carried away by a Bottle Bin. Pitches include: Flirts Magazine, MatchMaker Pet, Petports, Hart Bros Wrestling, Floorcare Buddy, Bottle Bin, North American Card Solutions, Scufflinks.


Episode 5

air date: 2011-10-12

A new fitness ball rolls into the den; a foam saver has the Dragons in a lather; and a line of men’s underwear bares it all for the chance at a deal. Plus a waterless car wash hopes to clean up with the Dragons. Pitches include: Dylan Ribkoff Underwear, Go Clean, Twirl-Go-Round, UGI Fitness, Zone In Programs, Hitting Matters, Shave N’ Save, Oyster Jim.


Episode 6

air date: 2011-10-26

A student stockbroker trades school hours for market hours; a 17-year-old Formula Tour racer drives a hard bargain; and a young pair creates headwear with earphones that are really out of sight. Plus these students hope the Dragons will jump on the note-taking bandwagon. Pitches include: Heads Up,, The Curse of the Holiday Head Lice, Nud Fud, Battlefield Boardgame, He-Sheets, I for E Mini, Nathan Blok Racing.


Episode 7

air date: 2011-11-02

A smoked meat business on wheels rolls into the Den; a racy pitch gets the Dragons dancing; and a housing idea tries to take home a deal. Plus history comes alive in the Den with Vintage Sports Images. Pitches include: Room and Boardroom, Vintage Sports Images, MooseDar, The Law Offices, Dog Aims, Caplansky’s Deli, Juice Loose, Pole Fit.


Episode 8

air date: 2011-11-09

A fashion show on all fours strolls into the Den; the Dragons crunch the numbers on a flax deal; and a golf jacket tightens up the game. Plus Australian sports instructors have the Dragons teaming up. Pitches include: Neo-Paws, Caps Game, Slixer Dinner Theatre, Omega Crunch Flax, Swing Jacket, Aussie X, Wes Misener, Freida Anti-Aging Skincare.


Episode 9

air date: 2011-11-30

A gym idea is looking for action in the Den; a golf pitch tries for a hole in one; and a yoga teacher hopes to charm the Dragons with her line of raw food snacks. Plus a better designed crutch leans on the Dragons for a little support. Pitches include: Smittens, Lyoness, Green Gym, WalkEze, Sunshine Living Foods, Cygnet Better Golf System, Sidestix, Airball.


Episode 10

air date: 2011-12-07

A dual-purpose bag dresses up for the Den; the Dragons learn freedom is more valuable than money; and a realtor website tries to close a deal. Plus one pitcher fights back against Dragon attacks. Pitches include:, Food Scrooge, Idiot Stickers, Dressed N’ Case, Realty Sites Plus, Price of Freedom, Charming Bidet.


Episode 11

air date: 2011-12-14

Holiday wrapping meets its match; a new seasonal light dazzles the Dragons; and it’s Hockey Night in the Den with an original sporty belt. Plus a holiday treat keeps things neat. Pitches include: The Original Hockey Lace Belt, Octino, Gluke, All In One Giftwrapper, Liquid Hot Chocolate, Retrofestive, Rare Earth Chemical Element Card Game, Yumalite.


Episode 12

air date: 2012-01-11

A men’s underwear line is back with a cheekier pitch; a helmet wrap recovers from its last appearance; and a dog festival is now fit for a Dragon. Plus a second chance leads to a first in the Den for one all-natural Soap Company. Pitches include: Wrinkles, Luke & Jock, Woofstock, Olivier, Platform Technology, Naked, Tail-Wags.


Episode 13

air date: 2012-01-18

An exercise aid creates tension in the Den; high rollers gamble for the chance at a deal; and a convenient fresh idea for the Dragons to snack on. Plus a massage franchise could have just the right touch. Pitches include: Chuck ‘Em Casino Game, Massage Addict, Ringz, Urban Vendor, Travel Roller, Touchy, Apple Cheeks Diapers, Canadian Solar Financing Corp.


Episode 14

air date: 2012-01-25

A hotdog chef gets frank with the Dragons; a spectator garment is hoping for some fans in the Den; and a fashion fix gets caught in a sticky situation. Plus a homegrown idea that could blossom into a thriving business. Pitches include: Kick-Off, Miss Fix Fashion, Urban Cultivator, Pick N’ Choose, Fanny Wrap, Fabulous Furballs, DougieDOG, Auto Glide Ride Thru.


Episode 15

air date: 2012-02-01

A group of entrepreneurs are putting up their own barriers in the Den; a shakable pancake powder mixes things up; and a clean pitch gets a little messy. Plus a specialty clothing line tries to net a Dragon deal. Pitches include: Chillbeds, Laundry Detergent Machine, Rejection Therapy, Jitterbee, Squito Wear, Move It To Lose It, Patty Wacker, Barrier 2 Go.


Episode 16

air date: 2012-02-08

Magnets are the secret to flower power in the Den; a small-scale business is looking for healthy growth; and it’s Ladies’ Night every night at a hunky hero-themed restaurant. Plus a candy company is hoping for a sweet victory in the Den. Pitches include: Whiz-Bang Advertising,, OMG Candy, Ab-Solution (BodyGood), Mom’s Healthy Secrets, Bout Buddy, Lipsticks & Dreams, Monster Basher.


Episode 17

air date: 2012-02-29

Tune in for a special edition of Dragons’ Den and catch up with past pitchers. See what some of the most memorable entrepreneurs have been up to, and discover the Dragons’ Den effect. Plus, the Dragons reflect on their deals and relive some of the disasters.


Episode 18

air date: 2012-03-07

The Dragons are introduced to the friend-zone; a nutrient-rich powder tries to benefit the Dragons’ wallets; and a ski mask gets masculine. Plus a natural alternative to other artificial sweetners enters the Den. Pitches include: Stroll-Air, Krisda,, K9 Pic-A-Poo, Just Bounce, Beardo, BioFlavia, FriendMatch.


Episode 19

air date: 2012-03-14

A toilet accessory needs a flush of Dragon cash; a hockey website tries to net a deal; and a web-based shop says it has every occasion wrapped up. Plus a West Coast diver needs a lot of clams to keep his business alive. Pitches include: Geoduck, Boingy Boingy, Cigar Box Guitars, Godson, Occasion Giftware,, My VENTEX, uKloo.


Episode 20

air date: 2012-03-21

The Dragons find out what’s smart in branded phone casings; a water dispenser soaks up some offers; and a home improvement invention impresses. Plus a hangover cure gets a shot at a deal. Pitches include:, 3D Sawhorse Bracket, Last Call, AquaOvo, Smart Casing.


Episode 21

air date: 2012-04-04

On the season finale, Dianne and the Dragons reflect on six incredible seasons in the Den. The Dragons watch themselves get fired up over deals, and they’ll dish on the ones that crashed and burned. They’ll tell us what they really think about each other. And things heat up all over again when the Dragons re-visit some of the racier pitches. Plus viewers and producers pick the three moments in Dragons’ Den history.


Future Now Energy Innovation Special

air date: 2012-06-03

In an exciting special episode of Dragons’ Den, the dragons will see three energy innovations compete for $100,000 in prize money from Shell.

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