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Family, Animation, Comedy TV Series All Hail King Julien (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) was released in 2015-10-16 by Netflix Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Danny Jacobs, Jeff Bennett, India de Beaufort, Kevin Michael Richardson, Andy Richter, Debra Wilson. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

Series info

Romance and bromance are in the air in Season 2, as King Julien meets new friends, struts the runway in a diaper and pumps up the jungle party fun.

All Hail King Julien ‘is an American television series computer animation. It stars characters from the animated film Madagascar, DreamWorks. It stars lemur Julien (Danny Jacobs) and is carried out in Madagascar before the film. When King Julien XII (also known as Uncle King Julien), a lemur Ringed, narrow tail and cowardly try not to eat him, he passed the throne to Julien XIII, selfish, fun-loving nephew. While King Julien is gone, the new King Julien gets into various problems. In turn, his uncle seeks to get rid of him to claim the series trono.La is starring, among others, Danny Jacobs, Andy Richter and Kevin Michael Richardson.

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Episode Guide


My Fair Foosa

air date: 2015-10-16

King Julien has a brilliant idea: He’ll tame a Foosa and train it to keep peace in his kingdom. But the plan doesn’t go quite as expected.


Diapers is the New Black

air date: 2015-10-16

Julien sparks a fashion frenzy when he turns a box of diapers into the coolest styles the kingdom has ever seen.


Crimson and Clover

air date: 2015-10-16

It’s love at first sight when Julien meets Clover’s party-girl sister, Crimson. Could the king have found his queen?


Pineapple of My Eye

air date: 2015-10-16

When Julien is fooled into believing that a “divine pineapple” contains the wisdom of former kings, a jealous Mort tries to get rid of it.


Gimme Gimme Gimme: The Game

air date: 2015-10-16

Fascinated by the idea of money, King Julien brings cash to the kingdom. But Mort’s surprising money skills create big problems.


Body Double

air date: 2015-10-16

When King Julien’s body double is injured on a waterslide, it’s up to Magic Steve to hold peace talks with the cranky crocodiles.



air date: 2015-10-16

Julien rescues a charming old lemur named Doc Sugarfoot from a cave and takes him on as an adviser.


Daddy Julien

air date: 2015-10-16

Thinking Mort is his son, Julien renames him Falcon and enters him in the Junior Gent pageant. Little does he know the lemur’s true age.


That’s Sooo Rob

air date: 2015-10-16

Rob, Julien’s former best friend and partner in the rap duo “Lemurs Love the Lemur Ladies,” shows up to lure the king back to his wild partying ways.


The Man in the Iron Booty

air date: 2015-10-16

Julien gives up his kingdom to help a fellow royal in distress, only to discover he’s been tricked by two old enemies.


Monkey Planet

air date: 2015-10-16

After setting out to claim the moon for all lemurkind, King Julien comes face-to-face with Stanislav, the Russian Space Monkey.


True Bromance

air date: 2015-10-16

When Julien discovers Maurice is moonlighting as an adviser to Rat King Joey, the best friends break up and ask the divine pineapple for advice.


The King Who Would Be King

air date: 2015-10-16

While writing Julien’s life story, Clover makes up a tall tale about a baby-eating giant scorpion named Fred. The real Fred reads it and vows revenge.


Are You There, Frank? It’s me, King Julien

air date: 2015-10-16

After Frank the Sky God demands that the lemurs sacrifice King Julien, Julien creates his own deity: Larry the Volcano God.


The Phantom of Club Moist

air date: 2015-10-16

Julien’s dream of opening a nightclub finally comes true, but the place is haunted by a masked phantom. Or could it be someone making mischief?


King Juli-END?

air date: 2015-10-16

Julien is diagnosed with Mad Horse Disease but refuses to give up the throne to his uncle without a fight … or maybe a steeplechase.

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