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Crime TV Series Queen of the South (season 1, 2, 3, 4) was released in 2018-06-21 by USA Network Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Justina Machado, Alice Braga. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

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The protagonists of dramatic crime series “Queen of the South” season 3, until recently was spun in completely different worlds. Abandoned mail-order Teresita began to earn a living illegally exchange currency on the streets of Sinaloa, always getting a brutal beating from the chief aggressor for my carelessness. Hard-boiled is the same with a steel character, Camilla Vargas was tempered twenty-five years near his wife drug Lord, Epifanio. The first was lucky to escape from the infernal cycle of beatings with the help of a mule Blonde in even more wild, but attractive world of narkokartelei. The second built a drug Empire itself, staying still in the shade of an influential husband. Patience Teresa comes to an end when an unfamiliar voice on the phone informs that the Blond was dead and had to run, Camille is outraged by the decision of her husband to stand in senators, state and temporarily pass on the reins to the sadistic clutches of Batman. Mendoza is trying to negotiate with civilized Epifanio about his disappearance and freedom, but the man is not ready to leave alive a girl that has a killer dirt. Teresita suicidal subordinates Donna, and almost himself, hides dirt and runs, Donna Verges also leaves her husband and goes to Texas to start his own drug business. By the will of fate in the series Queen of the southern Mendoza is in a secret club Donna, where is prepared for her fate of a drug addict prostitute she rubbed into the ranks of the agents and thugs. Teresa constantly tested for strength. A new chemist killed many girls who are “mules” in the cartel. His packets of cocaine are fragile and are dissolved in the stomachs of paranosic doses of happiness, causing an instant overdose. New risks and wins the battle, earning praise from the boss. In the second case, it manifests itself as an attentive person, caught in the millions of dollars counterfeit bills. Teresa improve and not just isolated personal bed in the cell instead of the dirty mattress, but sexualanime car and the possibility of independent movement in the city, as a new mule. James often takes brainy beauty in clashes with other gangs, important contracts, quality control of the drug item, and other critical events shown in the series Queen of the South 2 season online. The girl helps to throw a special device in the mansion, Erica, who holds the second part of the drug trade in the city and throws the problem to Donna. James plans to kill him. At this time, Epifanio, along with pre-election vanity turns the world in search of the recalcitrant runaway. Batman finds out about Camille’s plans to take business from her husband, she had the presence of Teresa, the secret machinations on the side and not being in her tricks, which offer the Cesare solid trouble. He reports to the boss all the dirty details between the couple and begins a secret war. Vergas NSA hands over all supply of drugs to Camille. She begins to lose capital, subordinates, customers and patience. Stealing 25 kg of coke and substituting Erica, a woman in trouble with other bandit clans, but still a loving husband rescues a schemer than she is in advance planning use. The heroine of “Queen of the South” luring to their side the best suppliers and customers Epifanio, considering that becoming a Senator, he will not be able to hurt her because of fear to harm the reputation, but angry husband happy present bloody talk show. He calls the cops on all of their caches, risking to lose all, but would not give his wife the opportunity to spread your wings. Teresa also with Brenda trying to get half a million dollars from the Cleaner, to find a shocking warehouse with mutilated corpses to the coordinates from the notebooks of Blond. Brand kill, and Blond, by some miracle, is alive. Shoot the Cat and armed with the support of the Wall, it offers Camilla is to unite to destroy Epifanio. Only now she’s going to be a major…

The entangled into drug business partners of Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga) is murdered by a Mexican drug cartel. Teresa fled to the US where they are rather surprising alliance with an “old friend”, to bring the leaders of the drug smugglers’ gang case before she has to hide. Meanwhile, their knowledge in drug smuggling are better and it boils down to in order to “save” permanent, will assume a high position in the drug world need.

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In Season 3, Teresa sets out on her personal, calculated to create a brand-new realm for herself. But as adversaries aged as well as brand-new approach, she understands that being actually Queen will definitely need additional job– as well as additional reparation– compared to she ever before visualized.

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LaErmita ña

sky companion: 2018-06-21

Hidingoff Camila in Malta, Teresa aims to introduce a medication realm of her personal through assaulting a cope with an unsafe funds launderer.



sky companion: 2018-06-28

Onthe fly gunman in Malta, Teresa is actually assisted through an aged buddy who purposes are actually everything however crystal clear.


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