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Action & Adventure, Drama, Mystery TV Series Star Trek: The Next Generation (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) was released in 1988-11-21 by Broadcast syndication Channel. Serial was created by Jon Povill, Jack B. Sowards, directed by Rob Bowman, Winrich Kolbe. Cast include Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, LeVar Burton, Benjamin Agosto, Charles Douglass. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

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Paul LeBlanc bright computer is one of the owners of Zava Corp, a promising Silicon Valley company that is responsible for developing the most advanced artificial intelligence market. One of his ongoing projects is the virtual assistant neXt, an artificial intelligence that is not only able to learn from their environment, but also can evolve modifying itself to expand its boundaries. LeBlanc himself, although he has written the code neXt, it is leery of their abilities, and keep AI in a basement secure without internet access so you do not become dangerous. At one point, in fact, decided to close all neXt project despite impressive advances, displeasing his brother and co-owner Ted, getting expelled from the company to avoid it.

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air day: 1988-11-21

Stardate: 42073.1.

When the Enterprise attempts to leave from a system that has actually lately dropped target to a harmful afflict,Troiundertakes a mystical maternity.


WhereSilence Has Lease

air day: 1988-11-28

Stardate: 42193.6.

A mystical life kind called the ‘Nagilum’ endangers the life of the team in his effort to comprehend humankind.


Elementary, Dear Data

air day: 1988-12-05

Stardate: 42286.3.

Dataand also Geordi come to be included with a holodeck program concerning Sherlock Holmes and also his examinations, when they produce Sherlock’s arc bane, Moriarty; nevertheless, adjustments to the Moriarty personality consist of the capacity of out-smarting Data, which causes some unanticipated repercussions.


TheOutrageous Okona

air day: 1988-12-12

Stardate: 42402.7.

When the captain of a handicapped starship puts the team in the center of a love triangular,TheEnterprise is put in an endangering scenario.


Loudas a Whisper

air day: 1989-01-09

Stardate: 42477.2

A deaf-mute arbitrator fulfills with calamity while being accompanied by theEnterprise


TheSchizoid Man

air day: 1989-01-23

Stardate: 42437.5.

Datais had by the awareness of a great researcher. However, it has a troubling influence on Data’s individuality.



air day: 1989-01-30

Stardate: 42494.8.

A mystical hyper-ageing health issues eliminates the team of a Federation freight ship, and alsoDr Pulaski needs to race versus time to locate a treatment.


A Matter of Honor

air day: 1989-02-06

CommanderRiker takes part in a policeman’s exchange program which lands him a task on a Klingon Bird- of-Prey Meanwhile, a Bezite ensign has difficulty absorbing to the regimens of theEnterprise


TheMeasure of a Man

air day: 1989-02-13

Stardate: 42523.7.

WhenData’s legal rights as a sentient person are put under test, Starfleet pressures Riker right into a placement where he need to verify that Data is just anAndroid



air day: 1989-02-20

Stardate: 42568.8.

Wesleyloves a guest the Enterprise is accompanying, that has the secret capacity to shape-shift.



air day: 1989-03-20

Stardate: 42609.1.

A weird source of power disables the Enterprise’s computer system systems, problems Data’s programs and also leaves the ship and also team at risk to a Romulan strike.



air day: 1989-03-27

Stardate: 42625.4.

Anaway group is entraped in an unusual atmosphere based around an unique qualified ‘TheHotel Royale.’.



air day: 1989-04-03

Stardate: 42679.2

Picardexperiences his dual from 6 hrs in the future, whose Enterprise had actually been ruined.


TheIcarus Factor

air day: 1989-04-24

Stardate: 42686.4.

Rikeris advertised to Captain of an additional Federation ship. Worf needs to face his past and also his Klingon heritage.



air day: 1989-05-01

Stardate: 42695.3.

Wesleyneeds to explore the root causes of odd structural task in the world where Data’s pen chum lives.


Q Who

air day: 1989-05-08

Stardate: 42761.3.

Q tosses the Enterprise right into the Delta Quadrant and also presents the Federation to an effective brand-new adversary that might ruin the Alpha Quadrant: TheBorg



air day: 1989-05-15

Stardate: 42779.1.

A race called the Pakleds abduct Geordi LaForge When he is left in a near-dead state, Picard needs to deal with surgical procedure.


Upthe Long Ladder

air day: 1989-05-22

Stardate: 42823.2

Picardneeds to persuade 2 passing away people that they need to co-exist on the very same world to endure, nevertheless, they have various other strategies to guarantee their survival: through duplicates of the Enterprise team.



air day: 1989-06-19

Stardate: 42859.2

Whilebeing accompanied to a Federation meeting by the Enterprise, Lwaxana searches for a guy to please her demands when her sex-drive is quadrupled throughout an all-natural mid-life cycle.



air day: 1989-06-29

Stardate: 42901.3.

Worfis re-united with his previous enthusiast, K’Ehleyr, while the Enterprise is purchased to obstruct a Klingon ship whose team has actually remained in tension for a century.



air day: 1989-07-10

Stardate: 42923.4.

Troublestarts when a Ferengi battleship stumbles over a battle simulation in between Riker and also Picard, each on various ships, and also starts striking them.


Shadesof Gray

air day: 1989-07-17

Stardate: 42976.1.

Rikeris contaminated with an unusual microorganism that takes control of his mind.Dr Pulaski needs to require Riker’s mind back to a state where it could access primitive survival abilities.

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