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Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Series Supernatural (season 1-10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15) was released in 2009-09-10 by The WB Television Network Channel. Serial was created by Eric Kripke, Philip Sgriccia, directed by Robert Singer, Sera Gamble. Cast include Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Rachel Miner, Samantha Ferris. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 8.6/ 10.

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Two bros and also one dropped angel – versus all the may of Satan and also his military! As the Apocalypse expands better, endangering to transform Earth right into a battleground saturated with human blood, Sam, Dean and also Castiel resist overwhelming probabilities. New enemies emerge, consisting of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Old close friends leave, eaten by the terrifying rage of Hell. Via everything, the Winchesters are targeted by satanic forces and also angels alike, that alert that each bro has an unique and also dreadful duty to play in the coming destruction. Season Five complies with Sam and also Dean on their most frightening trip yet, one that might lead them to the only ally solid sufficient to beat the Devil: God.

Winchester brothers for many years traveling around America, battling with various otherworldly forces. They – the brave hunters, who during his tenure managed to face with the most weird and wonderful creatures.

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Sympathy for the Devil

air day: 2009-09-10

Sam, Dean, and also Bobby needs to manage the results of the Devil’s retreat from Hell, and also obtain surprising information from the Prophet Chuck.


Good God, Y’ All!

air day: 2009-09-17

Seeker Rufus Turner calls Bobby, Sam, and also Dean to manage a devil invasion in his community, however they quickly uncover the fact is far more terrible. Castiel goes to look for the only entity that could beat Lucifer.


Free to Be You and also Me

air day: 2009-09-24

Sam makes a decision to quit searching however has a tough time after he gets a shock see. Dean and also Castiel look for the Archangel Raphael in their quote to quit the Apocalypse.


The End

air day: 2009-10-01

Dean declines Sam’s initiatives to assist him fight the Devil, then gets up to locate himself 5 years in the future, in a marsh where Lucifer has actually started his endgame by letting loose an infection that changes people right into zombies.


Fallen Idols

air day: 2009-10-08

Sam and also Dean visit a town where individuals are killed by well-known dead symbols. The bros come to a dead end when 2 teens expose they saw Paris Hilton abduct their close friend.


I Believe the Children Are Our Future

air day: 2009-10-15

Sam and also Dean check out a series of strange murders that oddly look like fairy tales and also urban myths. The bros locate an 11- year-old kid called Jesse and also understand that whatever Jesse thinks is happening. Castiel informs Sam and also Dean that Jesse is a severe risk and also should be removed.


The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

air day: 2009-10-29

Sam and also Dean uncover a witch is running a high-stakes casino poker video game where the money is life years vs. loan. Bobby sees the video game as an opportunity to obtain from the mobility device and also wagers 25 years, however sheds. As Bobby starts to age quickly, Dean action in to conserve him however additionally winds up transformeding into an old male, leaving Sam holding the bag for their survival.


Changing Channels

air day: 2009-11-05

When Sam and also Dean locate themselves living their lives on just what seem TELEVISION programs, it produces an entire brand-new design of truth tv and also they question if the Trickster is responsible. From a comedy to a soapy health center dramatization to a Japanese video game program to a criminal activity step-by-step, each brand-new experience they experience is extra strange compared to the following and also they desire out. Is the Trickster truly the mastermind behind the chaos?


The Real Ghostbusters

air day: 2009-11-12

Super follower Becky makes use of Chuck’s phone to fool Sam and also Dean right into participating in a Supernatural follower convention, total with followers spruced up as Sam and also Dean. Among the tasks is a real-time activity duty having fun video game, however points promptly curdle after a genuine ghost shows up on the scene.


Abandon All Hope …

air day: 2009-11-19

Sam, Dean and also Castiel locate the Colt and also avoid to locate Lucifer to send him back to Hell. It’s a seekers’ get-together when the staff signs up with pressures with Bobby, Ellen and also Jo wherefore can be their last evening in the world.


Sam, Interrupted

air day: 2010-01-21

A previous seeker called Martin, that is presently institutionalised, calls Sam and also Dean for aid examining a situation in the psychological health center. The bros obtain themselves confessed as individuals to have a look at the mystical beast that is striking the individuals, however their imprisonment presses both to the snapping point as they release their internal satanic forces versus each various other.


Swap Meat

air day: 2010-01-28

Gary, an adolescent geek, summons a body-switching spell and also adjustments bodies with Sam. Delighted by his brand-new good-looking and also developed body, Gary (currently Sam) examines a situation with Dean and also makes the most of his excellent appearances and also age by appealing ladies and also obtaining intoxicated. Sam is stuck in Gary’s adolescent body, dealing with invasive moms and dads and also high institution.


The Song Remains the Same

air day: 2010-02-04

The angels send out Anna back in time to eliminate John and also Mary Winchester prior to they could develop Sam recognizing that if Sam was never ever birthed after that Lucifer will not have the ability to utilize him as his vessel. Castiel sends out Sam and also Dean back to 1978 so they could quit Anna, and also both bros are rejoined with their moms and dads. Mary acknowledges Dean as a seeker considering that he saw her in the previous when prior to however attempts to maintain the fact from John.


My Bloody Valentine

air day: 2010-02-11

Castiel aids Sam and also Dean pursue Cupid on Valentine’s Day after townspeople begin to eliminate each various other for love. After Cupid informs them he’s innocent, they uncover Famine, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, has actually gotten here in community.


Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid

air day: 2010-03-25

Sam and also Dean check out Bobby’s house community where the dead are climbing from the tomb however rather than striking people, they are gladly rejoining with their households. The bros look to Bobby for aid however he informs them not to fret about it and also to leave community. Dubious, Dean examines and also comes in person with Bobby’s dead better half, that has no memory of just what took place to her. As soon as the zombies begin transforming wickedness, the children inform Bobby he needs to eliminate his better half however he declines.


Dark Side of the Moon

air day: 2010-04-01

Assailed by upset seekers, Sam and also Dean are fired and also eliminated and also sent out to Heaven. Castiel alerts Dean that Zachariah is searching for them in paradise so they have to avoid while looking for an angel called Joshua that could aid them considering that he speaks straight to God. While looking for Joshua, the bros encounter some old family and friends participants.



air day: 2010-04-08

Sam and also Dean are exceeded by satanic forces, however are conserved in the nick of time by Rob and also his townspeople, that know the Apocalypse, and also have actually been educating to eliminate and also eliminate satanic forces. The town is really spiritual and also Sam and also Dean satisfy Pastor Gideon, that presents them to his little girl Leah, which he asserts is a prophet. Leah informs the townspeople they have to follow her orders if they desire an area in paradise however when she begins transforming the townspeople versus each various other for the Lord, the bros understand they have to eliminate her.


Point of No Return

air day: 2010-04-15

Dean starts to believe the only method to quit Lucifer is to claim yes to Michael, however the angels determine they do not require him any longer. Dean, Sam, and also Castiel are alarmed at the angels’ brand-new tactical plan and also handle Zachariah to stop a full blast battle in the world. An acquainted face returns.


Hammer of the Gods

air day: 2010-04-22

Sam and also Dean are abducted by a team of gods, consisting of Kali, Ganesh, and also Baldur and also imprisoned in a little resort. The gods intend to make use of Sam and also Dean as negotiating chips to quit the Apocalypse, however Gabriel turns up and also alerts them that if Lucifer discovers them he will certainly eliminate them all. One of the gods transforms on the remainder and also Lucifer shows up.


The Devil You Know

air day: 2010-04-29

The satanic force Crowley informs Sam and also Dean he could aid them locate the staying Horsemen rings so they could catch Lucifer. The bros are skeptical up until Crowley leads them to Brady, the Handler for Pestilence and also Death. Brady declines to provide up their places and also collections Pestilence after the Winchesters.


Two Minutes to Midnight

air day: 2010-05-06

Crowley informs Bobby he will certainly provide him the place of Death, the 4th horseman, for his spirit. Recognizing Sam and also Dean require that 4th ring to quit the Apocalypse, Bobby hesitantly concurs. Sam and also Dean face Pestilence, however he lets loose a lethal infection after them, so Castiel needs to step in on their part. Dean has a conference with Death to go over Lucifer, and also an unholy partnership is developed at an extremely high rate for Dean.


Swan Song

air day: 2010-05-13

The face-off in between excellent and also wicked is at hand. With the Apocalypse impending, Sam and also Dean understand they run out choices and also make heart-breaking choices that will certainly alter their lives permanently. A cherished personality encounters fatality.

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